My name is Teppo Oksa, and I live in Sweden.

I’m sharing a little background about myself as it relates to Starlight Revelations.

Since 2010, I have been on a very intense healing journey towards higher awareness about myself and about life. I have questioned everything about myself, my truths, and my existence here on earth.

My mantra along my journey has been: “There is always a higher truth than I have right now.”

This mantra has helped me to open my mind for new possibilities and let go of what no longer serves my journey.

I follow my heart in what I do, or, in other words, I follow the higher guidance I hear and feel within myself from my higher self, my guides, angels, etc., who are helping me on my life path.

Along this intense healing journey, my perception of reality has expanded to include the etheric, energetic, and spiritual realms as well. All of these are interconnected and influence each other. Gradually, I also gained new abilities to interact with my ever-expanding perception of reality. Abilities like being energetically and etherically able to sense, transform, and channel energies beyond time and space. Connect and work together with high-frequency beings in other realms, like angels, ascended masters, my galactic team, high-dimensional dragons, etc. All of this has proven to be possible in my expanded perception of reality. Traveling etherically between parallel existences is also entirely possible, as is being able to tune into anything and channel this energy or consciousness. Manifesting etheric healing energy is also fully possible for a human to do. Through my own healing, more and more became possible as the person I incarnated as here on earth.

I believe that we all have these abilities, which can expand to include other realms of existence. But perhaps many of us (like me) had shut them off and forgotten all about their existence.

At the end of 2022, I was guided to close my business, my work in healing, unpublish the books I had written about connecting with your true self and a higher awareness, and also close my YouTube channel on the same topic. It felt very important for me to follow this guidance and let go of everything I had done before, even if I didn’t know why. This is how I live my life and make my choices. I follow my gut, my heart, and my higher self’s higher awareness about why I am here and allow myself to be guided to what exists beyond my understanding of what is possible.

At the beginning of the year 2023, I was instead guided to start creating music for healing, meditation, etc. that I also channel energy into. Channeling energy was nothing new to me. But creating music was the next new challenge to expand further. This was the beginning of Starlight energy music and the music I now create. This expanded further with the guidance to distribute this music to many different streaming services. That’s when the name Starlight Revelations was born as a record label for my artist name, Starlight energy music.

What this will lead to, I do not know. But I know that this is the way forward towards an even higher awareness of who I am and an even more expanded reality.

My driving force has been my desire to heal and reach a higher awareness of who I am and of life, as well as to be able to help my fellow human beings do the same.

Energy music is my current way of helping both myself and others.

Much love!
Teppo Oksa